Monday, July 1, 2013

trying to be healthy

ok after dah diliver 2 baby's
aku rasa berat badan aku menaik dgn jayanya
mula mmg nak diet tp juz tnggal angan2 je..

but diz time aku mmg nekad utk turun berat bdn atlest 5kg within 5 weeks

yeeezzz it works...first of all i cut my calories in take..
from a big potion to a small potion
seriously its not an easy thing when u wanna change u eat routine
but slowly practice & now i can control my diet

also fasting helping me control my diet

this is d menu during my diet time..
yg pntg masak sndiri
coz we control the ingredients

i've to work harder..
so coming fasting month next month leh ah control my diet
in sha allah...

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