Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trying to Send Farisya going to school

Ok diz yer farisya dah 4 yrs..
so me & ma hubby decide to send her to school.
mayb this is d way she can learn & can feel d new environment
with fren at school
kat umh pon mmy & ddy takde masa sgt nak ajar farisya
just a basic je ajar "A...B..C..D..."
baca buku skit..& pastu malas dah..
so mayb ble antr g tadika..dia boleh lah belajar ngn cikgu..
& yg pntg blajar ngn org dia lagi tau rasa takut..
dri bljr ngn parent sndiri...

so at d first time..she so excited..mne tak nya..
coz nak beli new bag shoes la...mcm2 lgi lah...
at d first day during registration dia ok lagi.....

she got prob with it..
i dono how to tak nak kasi dia nagis..
maybe she dont have a fren yet..but skg dah 2 moth..she still criying ble smpai je depan pintu sekolah..
OMG at dat time..DDY nye temperature naik till to 1000 degree lah kan..
mmy marah jugak lah...hhurrmm dono wat to do..
we alwiz gve a moral support to her...dlm kete ok lah...
but..suddenly smpai je skool..nagis balik..:-(

here is farisya at d first time she wanna go to skool..

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