Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Full House Dinner

last wekend disebabakan hubby kena g seminar just mmy & farisya je stay at home..
so nothng yg best lah mmy nak buat ngn farisya..
then bile ddy balik...& kebetulan dat time my bro in law call ajak g dinner kat full house..

disebbakan mmy kebosanan all da wekend so mmg sonok ah dpt jln & dinner..
g pon dah lme x dinner ngn ma bro & sis in law.disebabkan masing2 bz ...

so here is some of our pica...
dady wif baby rania

free gift from full house for the 2 noty farisya & rayyan

diz 2 noty budak... :-)

mama & papa & baby rania

dady meal

mmy dinner

baby rania wif her mama..

diz 2 cute noty farisya & rayyan

our dessert..
x larat nak mkn coz dah kenyang sgt2..

along fmly..

posing be4 balik..

mmy & ddy..

ranaia wif mama & papa..

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